Legal assistance in matters of succession and wills

The firm specializes in the resolution of any issues related to inheritance law and all its facets.

The company offers advice in the preparation and execution of acts of final disposition in the administration and in the division of cultural patrimony. These include projects for the allocation of the estate, succession strategies for enterprises, establishment of trusts, family agreements.

The firm assists clients in the preparation and collation of documents relating to successions, such as: death certificate declaration in lieu, affidavit attesting the situation of the original family of the deceased; land registry or certifications; documentation on any changes made ​​(amnesty - expansion - plans - splits); bank certifications .

Lawyer Chiara Consani is an expert in holographic wills and combines the professional skills of a lawyer with a deep understanding of notary issues, she has been handling complex cases especially in regards to inheritance, disputes about estates, related and beneficial real estate and more.